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Blog Tour: A Double Shot of Bourbon

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A Double Shot of Bourbon (Bourbon Series #2)

By: A.C. Land
Published: October 18, 2016
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Lonna Stuart is proud to be the most beautiful girl most people have ever seen. But on the inside she’s dying. Her mother’s grating comments and her boyfriend’s obsessive control are suffocating her.

There’s only one person who sees the real Lonna.

Son of the infamous Bourbon Butcher, Collin toes an invisible line of perfection; he’s a football prodigy; a hard working employee; and, what Lonna’s boyfriend considers, a retard. A slight stutter keeps Collin back from making too many friends, but he observes better than anyone, and he sees things most people miss. He sees the pain in Lonna’s eyes and the sadness in her frown. When she nearly drowns, Collin’s the only one willing to sacrifice himself to save her.

Inspired by Collin’s overwhelming kindness and drawn to the sheer greatness of him, Lonna begins to pull away from her asphyxiating life. But unbeknownst to both of them, Collin’s father, busy planning an epic escape from prison.

About the Author

Displaying AC_.jpgAuthor of the Bourbon series, A. C. Land has been a lover of stories since she first read about Peter Pan giving Wendy an acorn and teaching her to fly. She always dreamed of telling big stories about small towns.

Residing on a cattle farm in Missouri, A. C. loves playing with her rambunctious Jack Russell, Riley, making decorative cakes, taking pictures, drinking pumpkin spice coffee, and hanging out with her nephews.

My Thoughts

A Double Shot is the second book to A Shot of Bourbon by A.C. Land, and I positively enjoyed reading it. The second book continues the story from Collin and Lonna's POV whereas the first book was from Luke and Charli's. I like the different perspectives the reader gets to experience. We get to see two people's POV in one book and the other is the other two characters POV. It provides alot more background info for each character and that was one of the things I liked about the books.

I loved seeing what kind of character Collin really was after reading about Luke and Charli, because Collin is this kind, really handsome looking good deed guy who has a slight stutter when he speaks. He is the opposite of Luke and it just was refreshing to read about a good guy who is not rich and took things for granted. Same goes for Lonna. She is Charli's bff and where Charli is a very cute and naive little one, Lonna is much more mature and thoughtful when it comes to thinking deeper. Both characters balance each other and the other characters out and I thought that was nicely done.

I give this book 3.5 stars and recommend it to anyone who loves a good contemporary YA romance.

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Blitz + Giveaway: Alterations

by Stephanie Scott
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 6th 2016
Bloomsbury Spark

Summary from Goodreads:

If anyone saw the prom boards Amelia Blanco makes on her favorite fashion app, they'd think Ethan Laurenti was her boyfriend. They wouldn't know that all the plans she's made for them are just dreams, and that she's the girl who watches him from the kitchen while her parents cook for his famous family.

When Amelia's abuelita enrolls her in a month-long fashion internship in NYC, Amelia can't imagine leaving Miami--and Ethan--for that long. As soon as she gets to New York, however, she finds a bigger world and new possibilities. She meets people her own age who can actually carry on a conversation about stitching and design. Her pin boards become less about prom with Ethan and more about creating her own style. By the time she returns to Miami, Amelia feels like she can accomplish anything, and surprises herself by agreeing to help Ethan's awkward, Steve-Jobs-wannabe brother, Liam, create his own fashion app.

As Liam and Amelia get closer, Ethan realizes that this newly confident, stylish girl may be the one for him after all . . . even though he has a reality TV star girlfriend he conveniently keeps forgetting about. The "new and improved" Amelia soon finds herself in between two brothers, a whole lot of drama, and choice she never dreamed she'd have to make.

About the Author
Hello! I write Young Adult stories about teens who put their passions first. I'm an active member of Romance Writers of America and its online YA chapter YARWA, and I mentor writers in online pitch contests. I love dance fitness and cat memes, and Pinterest is driving me broke. I live outside of Chicago with my tech-of-all-trades husband. You can find me most often online on twitter and Instagram at @StephScottYA. My debut ALTERATIONS about a fashion-obsessed loner who reinvents herself releases 12/6/16 from Bloomsbury Spark, and I'm a contributor to the young adult short story anthology WELCOME HOME out in spring 2017.

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